New parent for Briscoe

Edward Briscoe Design has a new parent company, Union House Communications Group, under which it will operate next to a promotional T-shirt company and a screen-printing operation.

The formation of the new entity is the start of proposed developments which will see it become a broad-based group of marketing services companies, says a company statement.

Edward Briscoe International Group, the former parent company, still exists, but will no longer be used as a brand, says Edward Briscoe Design brand director Roger Marsden. “Everybody knows us as Edward Briscoe Design,” he says.

A number of private investors hold shares in the new parent group, with Ted Briscoe filling the role of chairman, according to Marsden.

Designers Nigel Wilkinson and Tim Dawson have been made redundant from Edward Briscoe Design as a result of the changes.

However, new business director Mark Pinder, formerly of Loewy International, and design director Olcar Tocsun, formerly of One World, have been appointed to meet an increase in multimedia work.

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