The great fibre provider

When Akzo Nobel and Courtaulds merged their fibres divisions last year, they needed a name and identity to reflect the values of the business. The new company is the world’s biggest dedicated fibres company and has 19 000 staff, with production facilities in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Brazil and the US.

CGI presented a number of names as part of the pitch process, and the chosen name Acordis was an amalgamation of several ideas. Regulatory restrictions and legalities meant the group had to come up with an identity and material for the internal launch in Dusseldorf in about six weeks.

The new identity was seen as an important rallying point for staff and customers, and is intended to signal a clear move forward from the past of Akzo Nobel and Courtaulds, according to a CGI spokeswoman.

Brand characteristics are unique, approachable, authoritative, purposeful and world class. The linking of the C and O represent the union of the two companies. ‘Overall the serifed type style has a fluid feel about it which echoes the qualities of Acordis’ fibre products,’ says the spokeswoman.

The identity, which launches publicly in the next month or so, is being applied to signage, vehicles and literature. Having developed a CD-ROM design manual, CGI is now creating a corporate news letter and corporate brochure.

Client: Akzo Nobel/Courtaulds

Designer: CGI

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