The way ahead is to bypass our preconceptions

Why do we never see any articles on outer and inner space, and the importance of design in understanding it?

Our ancestors seemed to be so in touch with their spiritual selves and this manifested itself in their fascinating architecture. Today we seem too safely focused on “supposed” market requirements. Why, for instance, can’t modern products bear some of the divine meanings the ancients understood, and remind us of our potential for fulfilment?

We need to promote multi-dimensional design processes that bypass our conditioned preconceptions and allow access to our divine creative instincts.

The archetype is an instinct – the mind’s inbuilt design tool that starts to work when no conscious ideas are present. It manifests itself most creatively in religious imagery and architecture.

Its manifestation in our ideas is an unconscious process more available to gifted visionaries. Access can be willed using unconscious or “multidimensional” design processes, including hypnosis, meditation, ritualistic visualisation, psychic powers.

Lee Sillitoe

Middlesex EN2 8QE

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