Compaq goes Native with hybrid computer

Native has created a range of hybrid laptop/ desktop computers for the world’s second largest PC manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation, which launch early next year, in a project worth about £500 000.

The range, entitled Dual Worlds, is part of Compaq’s new sub-brand EVO, a product line which will be introduced over the coming year. It is claimed to be the first machine to combine the ergonomics of a desktop computer with the portability of a laptop.

The consultancy designed the range and Compaq developed and engineered it. Native commanded a fee of “not far off” £500 000 for the job, according to Native president Morten Warren.

“People can only work on a laptop for short periods of time before they get fatigued. With our solution, you can use it as a laptop but pull out the keyboard to create a desktop,” says Warren.

“The big question for corporations at the moment is: why do we have to buy two computers for each employee?” he adds.

The consultancy identified three different modes of working – office, travel and field. A range of six solutions was developed to working prototype stage with each design expressing different aesthetic influences, according to Warren.

“This project is about rethinking how and when we work. Work gets done in many places and at any time of the day and night. So we need an adaptable solution,” he says.

“We have done a patent search and no-one has done this sort of thing before. But with the developments in bluetooth wireless technology and large flicker-free liquid crystal displays, these products are now possible,” says Warren.

The consultancy won the work via a “threeor four-way” credentials and proposals pitch against unnamed rivals, including US consultancies.

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