Hamburg, 1 October 1998, saw the launch of Nasa2.0, an acronym for net activities and screen advertising. It employs 40 staff in the Hamburg head office, and has offices in Paris and London. A Berlin branch deals solely with the People’s Project, promoting artistic interventions in urban environments and co-supported by artist Martin Mlecko. Among Nasa2.0’s numerous clients are: Coca-Cola; Unilever; WEA Records; and Input Filmproduktion. Its website was nominated in the interactive media category of the 2001 British Design & Art Direction Awards.

‘Our main focus lies in the field of new-media solutions,’ explains managing director Jörg Tremmel. ‘We offer interactive ways of communication, leading our clients into the digital future and creating powerful cyber-brands. We make the new virtual worlds attractive and exciting, more human and understandable.’

A Nasa2.0 project begins by establishing an interdisciplinary strategic planning group charged with unifying conception, technology and design. ‘Strategic planning regularly monitors projects to ensure they are remaining “on strategy”,’ says Tremmel. ‘It also commissions and interprets the results of quantitative and qualitative market research. To a limited extent, it organises and holds its own focus groups within the unit.’

Co-managing director John Eberstein explains the group’s paradigm, ‘The Nasa-naut expresses curiosity and progress. They also stand for our creative, childlike playfulness and always reminds us that we have to conserve the happiness and fun, the glow in our eyes.’

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