The Olympic logo sends me to sleep

On seeing the London Olympics logo this week, these are my, and I’m sure quite a few others’, opinions: • The Olympic movement is about togetherness, but this execution is falling apart • The logo would be better suited to a new Arthur C Clarke novel (2012) • The text is illegible and does not […]

A summer wheeze

Anyone strolling through London’s Kensington Gardens this week who sees a curious shed on the horizon, take note: it’s not Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen’s Serpentine Pavilion making an early landing, but the Royal College of Art’s sneaky attempt to get in first with a summer degree show extravaganza. Increasingly, colleges are making a splash […]

Getting a head start in design

If you’ve just graduated, the most important rule in the job-hunting jungle, as in education, is ‘do your research’. Know your prey, says Torben Dunn

XO laptop

Profile: Yves Béhar

Yves Béhar creates desirable lighting and products, but it is the budget XO laptop – created for the developing world – that has the potential to change lives. Sarah Verdone asks him about his plans for the future

DW table gives the wrong impression about Ralph

We always look forward to Design Week’s league tables. However, this year, we felt it did not represent groups that had changed their business model over the past year – when we had clearly explained this in our entry. In 2006, Ralph came in at number 80 in the Top 100 league tables and it […]


The 2012 identity looks like monkey business

Don’t you think the new 2012 logo looks very similar to the old Tiswas identity, only not as good? I reckon someone at Wolff Olins was dreaming about Sally James or Chris Tarrant when they came up with this little ditty. Why didn’t they put the job out to tender to the whole country (schools […]


Has the credibility of design been dented by the 2012 branding, and if so, what can it do to recover? I’ve been arguing for more flexible identity schemes for as long as I can remember. So if the 2012 applications can illustrate that identities can be used in a variety of ways, to a wide […]

‘Site in progress’ sends out all the wrong messages

I’ve been looking at your magazine on-line, primarily to look at what is new in branding and label design. If I see something of interest I copy and paste the design group name into Google to have a look at what it is doing. Today, the latest one, about DJPA, came up with a message […]

Jon Burgerman


Generally speaking, inspiration comes from all around me.

Follow the crowd

Shared experiences, like conferences and exhibitions, have a remarkable pull on us. Hugh Pearman wonders at our curious appetite for inconvenient gatherings

Lord Coe

Will it run the distance?

The 2012 identity has been panned by the media, but the work meets its varied criteria and it has five years to prove itself, says Sarah Woods

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