Brandopus spices up packs for Sharwood’s sauces

Premier Foods is to unveil its revamped Sharwood’s range, with packaging design by consultancy Brandopus.

Brandopus was added to the RHM roster earlier this year before the group was acquired by Premier Foods.

The consultancy was tasked with creating a new pack design, while retaining the logo for the Sharwood’s range.

The new look will be revealed next month with the Thai range, and will be rolled out across the remaining ranges by the end of the year.

Each cuisine has a distinctive background colour and the products will be differentiated through a selection of brightly coloured tones.

The Thai range packs have a light green background, to highlight the flavours of the cooking.

According to Sharwood’s brand director Paul Davies, ‘The new packaging will ensure the range is clear and distinct from other Asian and “world food” categories.’

One-shot curry pastes, stir-fry sauces, curry sauces, Thai dressings, noodles and crackers make up the Thai product range.

Two key categories have been devised for the sauces brand – Sense of Adventure and Lighter Eating.

‘The new Thai range prompted a need for reappraisal of the brand’s structure,’ says Brandopus managing director Nir Wegrzyn. ‘And by segmenting the cuisines through use of distinctive colours and patterns, Sharwood’s can help consumers identify the right products and promote standout on shelf.’

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