GLA launches Unreal ‘DIY’ Green campaign

The Greater London Authority launched its latest sustainability campaign last week under the title ‘DIY Planet Repairs’.

Designed by consultancy Unreal to be simple, bold and accessible, the branding and advertising is aimed at providing straightforward information to enable Londoners to lead more environmentally sustainable lives.

Keeping the message lively and accessible was key, according to Unreal creative director Brian Eagle. ‘A lot of other environmental campaigns have quite a heavy message, so people become immune and tired of listening,’ he said.

Eagle says that the choice of a bright green colour palette, coupled with the simple globe logo and DIY-style paint effect reinforces the ‘personal’ tone of the message – that sustainable living can be for everyone.

The campaign blitzed Londoners last week via billboards, bus-side advertisements and leaflets, with practical tips such as washing your clothes at 30°C instead of 40°C, unplugging appliances and buying energy-efficient light bulbs.

‘We want people to accept there is a whole raft of ludicrously simple measures that can make a big difference to the planet we live on, and start acting on them,’ says Eagle.

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