‘Site in progress’ sends out all the wrong messages

I’ve been looking at your magazine on-line, primarily to look at what is new in branding and label design. If I see something of interest I copy and paste the design group name into Google to have a look at what it is doing.

Today, the latest one, about DJPA, came up with a message that I have seen on far too many design group sites, ‘This site is being upgraded/revamped’ or whatever. I must have seen this ten times in the past week on the sites of mainstream players in the design world.

I am totally amazed. The Internet is a primary resource for design groups, but it is being treated as a minor inconvenience by players in the sector. From a commercial perspective it sends a ‘can’t be bothered’ message; the public will just think the consultancy in question is a bunch of overpaid ponces.

A website should be up until the moment it is replaced. That can be done when the new site is ready, and a competent geek can change sites, at night, in an hour.

Matthew May, The Dawg’s Biscuits, by e-mail

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