Fuse puts together small business initiative logo

Fuse has designed the identity and marketing communications for the Business Champions Network, which was unveiled on Wednesday 6 March 2002.

The initiative, based in Essex, aims to help managers of small businesses and anyone thinking about starting a business venture. It is supported by The Federation of Small Businesses and funded by the European Social Fund.

Fuse has developed a logo and strapline, ‘Turning hindsight into foresight’. The marque will be applied to stationery, exhibition display material, information leaflets, delegate packs, and the consultancy has also designed a brand manual.

The client gave Fuse an open brief, says principal and project leader Jeff Della Mura, but was keen the identity should incorporate people in some form to represent interaction between businesses and experts.

Fuse introduced two abstract figures, one small and one larger, to the logo, symbolising small businesses and experts, such as the FSB, respectively, says Della Mura.

‘The client wanted to emphasise the interpersonal relationships between the different bodies, which is what the initiative is all about,’ he adds.

The consultancy worked in two subtle letters, B and C, representing Business and Champions, to the logo. The feel of the marque is ‘bright, optimistic and non-Governmental’, he explains. To achieve this, it incorporates ‘vivid orange/ red and cheerful blue’ colourways.

The project, which had a timescale of three weeks from pitch to delivery of final artwork, will be unveiled this week in Westcliff, Essex.

Fuse was invited to pitch by the client, which had seen some of its previous work. It presented creative ideas free of charge to the client in early February. The fee for the project was £10 000.

The Business Champions Network was conceived by the South East Essex Economic Strategy, the aim of which is the long-term regeneration of the area.

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