Print designers book into British Council exhibition

Print work by some of Britain’s leading graphic designers will be showcased in Milan next month in an exhibition organised by the British Council.

The exhibition, called The Book Corner, has been designed around a ‘library’ theme, says British Council design promotion project manager Sorrel Hershberg.

Publications ranging from Graphic Thought Facility’s full colour photographic catalogue ‘I am a Camera’ to Anthony Burrill’s photocopied, self-promotional booklets will be displayed on library shelves. Visitors will be encouraged to mark their favourite volumes with ‘readers’ stamps, as if they were borrowing the books from the library’, Hershberg adds.

Most of the exhibits are design and art-related publications, but several deal with more unusual subject matter such as cookery and information design, says Hershberg. All are listed in a computerised exhibition catalogue.

Furniture designer Martino Gamper has created seating and shelving units for the exhibition space, while posters, signage and ‘book plates’ have been designed by Ã…bäke. The exhibition budget is ‘around £35 000’, Hershberg says. Partners Kajsa Stahl and Maki Suzuki lead the project at Ã…bäke.

Designers featured in the show include Jonathan Barnbrook, Stuart Bailey, Maria Beddoes, Fuel, Paul Khera, Herman Lelie, Pentagram and Peter Willberg. The exhibition is curated by design writer Emily King. She says, ‘The Book Corner is tangible proof that there has never been a more exciting time for print. The wide range of styles and techniques on display in this exhibition are typical of the widespread experimentation in the UK in hitherto unprecedented formats and materials.’

The Book Corner runs 10-15 April at the British Council library, Via Manzoni 38, Milan.

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