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Following last week’s news that Gordon’s gin has been redesigned for the first time in 60 years, which product in your opinion is crying out for a repack and why?

‘The ubiquitous Coca-Cola can, once the paragon of “iconistic” [trademark] brand identity, tragically diluted over recent years by the addition of “in hand embellishments”, stripes, bottle tops, bubbling product and so on. The Coca-Cola logo on it’s plain red background is instantly recognisable wherever it’s seen and capable of immediately conjuring up a world of Coke. Why does it need the clutter? There is a brand in dire need of repackaging – The Conservative Party.’

Don Williams, Chief executive officer and executive creative director, PI Global

‘Reminiscent of an American 1960s fridge logo, the McCain’s identity partnered with suitably inappropriate pack graphics – epitomised by the nuclearesque presentation of micro chips – is in need of some serious surgery.’

Ian Ritchie, Creative director, Jones Knowles Ritchie

‘I’m going to have a pop at Pot Noodle. At a time when everyone seems to be pre-occupied with going to the gym, eating the right way and ensuring their bed is “facing east”, my heart is warmed by the occasional irreverent brand that represents the antithesis of all this. What a disappointment therefore that Pot Noodle doesn’t fulfil its true anarchic appeal. Come on Pot Noodle, let’s celebrate junk with packaging that gives us all an icon to remember.’

Andy Black, Managing director, Springetts

‘I’m afraid there are very few old iconic brands left and any redesign needs to be handled sensitively. Unfortunately we have seen Perrier go plastic and Head & Shoulders lose its shape. Bisto is a brand that needs to move backwards. Being ‘more contemporary’ has led to the demise of the Bisto kids and the brand looking generic. The kids, like the Dulux dog, are both memorable and emotive equities.’

Allison Miguel, Creative director, Ziggurat

‘It’s rarely the brands that have been untouched for 60 years that are real design horrors, as by now they’ve achieved classic or cult status. The products in need of repackaging are the ones that have had the heart and soul designed out of them in order to appeal to a wider, more global audience. So my redesign list is endless.’

Bruce Duckworth, Creative director, Turner Duckworth

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