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Natalie Spencer continues her monthly selection of graphics projects which feature striking illustration

Ian Craig digitally produced illustrations for Sedgwick Group’s 1997 annual report (designed by C&FD) using LightWave 3D, KPT Bryce and Photoshop. ‘Four illustrations for consulting, outsourcing, employee benefits and broking each feature transparent hands which supply, guide, support and shield the group’s clients,’ says Kevin Bruce deputy managing director at C&FD. Ian Craig c/o Private View Tel: 0181-291 1110

Adrian Taylor at Talisman Magazines commissioned Gary Wing to produce lively illustrations for an article on holiday homes for inclusion in The Magazine from Mazda, the car manufacturer. The images are of various locations and aim to give the viewer the impression that ‘they had been executed on the spot’, says Wing.

Gary Wing Tel: 01865 874768

Robert Shadbolt was commissioned by Jane Brooke of Spike Marketing to produce this illustration for PGL – a company specialising in activity holidays for children. The front cover shows how the type has been worked into the illustration to complement the image and colours used.

Robert Shadbolt c/o Joanna Marcus at the Central Illustration Agency Tel: 0171-240 8925

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