Inked up

Screen-printing as a craft resonates with artists and designers. Not only is it a well-respected way to attain a multiple of one design or illustration, the hands-on process of ink and screen-printing bed combines usefulness with a touch of nostalgia. New screen-printing exhibition Edition/Power in Numbers at the Bodhi Gallery, organised by Cure Studio and […]

…as tools are only as effective as the designers in charge

Jonathan Ive’s ideas about rapid prototyping and ‘lousy design’ (Voxpop, DW 30 April) prompt the inescapable conclusion that the new digital tools inevitably influence the way we work.Look at the way Adobe’s Photoshop has influenced photography and graphic design. Such tools make it equally easy to do good or bad work. It all comes down […]

Design mustn’t become the slave of technology…

Last week you ran an item on Jonathan Ive blaming the rise of rapid prototyping for distancing designers from the physical design process and creating ‘a lot of lousy design’ (Voxpop, DW 30 April). I agree with his comments and believe that technology should be reliant on design, rather than design reliant on technology. The […]

Design won’t save the world single-handedly

I was filled with both hope and despair after reading about the Audi Design Foundation’s latest venture into the trendy waters of social innovation and service design (DW 16 April). I was hopeful that this project might mean more designers channelling their fresh thinking into challenges that matter, rather than just looking to fill their […]


General Motors has announced it is to ditch its iconic Pontiac car brand. Which now-defunct brand do you miss most, and why? There are two ‘now-defunct’ brands that used to make my heart race – one from childhood and the other more recently. The sheer joy for me, as a boy, of receiving a brand […]

Roughing it in the name of authenticity isn’t good enough

I’m sure I’m not the only reader to have raised an eyebrow or two over the type of ‘authentic’ product likely to appeal to the ‘market-influencing wealthy’ (News in Depth, DW 9 April). These products may have a very limited appeal in some niche corner of fashionable London, but this market surely only actually exists […]

Inspired, Robin Richmond: Method

The accepted backdrop to modern life is a vortex of change dominated by new devices, killer apps and ways of doing things – information overload. It’s therefore refreshing to find that the most challenging medium of change, human thinking, is alive, well and flourishing at site is the true democratisation of a one-time tight-knit […]

Rewriting the rules

Downturns favour the brave, so perhaps we don’t have that much to worry about. Jeremy Myerson finds reassurance in a historical perspectiveAsk the grizzled veterans of the design business about prospects in the downturn and two things will happen. First, the greybeards will growl that they’ve survived bad recessions before so they will damn well […]

Draught Associates

Draught Associates has designed the exhibition Visualisations of the 21st Century City 2009 – Conflict in Architecture, which is at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London W1, from today until 30 May. The show, which has been created for the RIBA initiative Building Futures, explores the concept of architectural change in towns and cities.

Kay Why Marketing

Kay Why Marketing has designed the packaging for Swedish fish roe-based spread Kalles Prickiga, which combines a mild cheese spread with ‘dots’ of roe. The Kalles brand, owned by Abba Seafood, has been on the market in Sweden for more than 50 years, and Kalles Prickiga launches this week.

Nice Nose

Harrogate-based consultancy Robot Food has created new high-end wine brand Nice Nose for the RPB Winery in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Richard Schophield provided illustrations for the brand, which launches in the US next month.

Tom Dixon and Design Research Studio

Tom Dixon and Design Research Studio have created the Bombay Sapphire Dusk Bar, opening at Somerset House, London WC2 on 21 May. The temporary bar, which will be up for six months as part of the Bombay Sapphire Dusk Experience, builds heavily on Bombay Sapphire branding, using blue as a key colour, with extruded polycarbonate […]

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