Inked up

Screen-printing as a craft resonates with artists and designers. Not only is it a well-respected way to attain a multiple of one design or illustration, the hands-on process of ink


General Motors has announced it is to ditch its iconic Pontiac car brand. Which now-defunct brand do you miss most, and why? There are two ‘now-defunct’ brands that used to

Inspired, Robin Richmond: Method

The accepted backdrop to modern life is a vortex of change dominated by new devices, killer apps and ways of doing things – information overload. It’s therefore refreshing to find

Rewriting the rules

Downturns favour the brave, so perhaps we don’t have that much to worry about. Jeremy Myerson finds reassurance in a historical perspective Ask the grizzled veterans of the design business

Draught Associates

Draught Associates has designed the exhibition Visualisations of the 21st Century City 2009 – Conflict in Architecture, which is at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London W1, from today

Kay Why Marketing

Kay Why Marketing has designed the packaging for Swedish fish roe-based spread Kalles Prickiga, which combines a mild cheese spread with ‘dots’ of roe. The Kalles brand, owned by Abba

Nice Nose

Harrogate-based consultancy Robot Food has created new high-end wine brand Nice Nose for the RPB Winery in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Richard Schophield provided illustrations for the brand, which

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