General Motors has announced it is to ditch its iconic Pontiac car brand. Which now-defunct brand do you miss most, and why?

There are two ‘now-defunct’ brands that used to make my heart race – one from childhood and the other more recently. The sheer joy for me, as a boy, of receiving a brand new Dinky toy car was indescribable. The perfect die-cast replica scale models that were so detailed and lovingly created made me an instant Dinky brand addict. The other brand is Concorde. A truly elegant, stylish, awe-inspiring brand that exceeded its promise – which is a rare thing indeed.
Michael Peters, Founder, Michael Peters and Partners



The brands I miss are intrinsically linked to memories that make me smile (and maybe wince a little). Like trying to blow a bubble bigger than my head with Super Bazooka bubblegum. Racing my friend on his Raleigh Grifter. Playing (slightly crap) games on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Scoring a goal in my Patrick Super Keegan football boots. Car journeys in my grandad’s Triumph Herald. Fashion faux pas and dodgy haircuts courtesy of The Face magazine. I could go on.
Simon Elliott, Partner, Rose


If you were born and raised in the North East as I was, you will be well aware of the demise of that most famous of icons – no, not Newcastle United Football Club, I am talking Tudor Crisps. Endorsed and eaten by King Henry VIII, no less, who extolled the dietary and nutritional benefits of the snack and was even happy to have his mugshot on the packet. The giant – the brand, not the monarch – was eventually swallowed up by those gits at Walkers and consigned to the litter bin of oblivion. But we never forgot. Flavours ranged from kipper, hot dog and mustard to chocolate. Now you know where Heston got his ideas from.
Alan Herron, Creative director, True North


Auburn… for the glorious Auburn Speedster. Engine by Augie Duesenberg and styling by Gordon Buehrig, under the management wizardry of Erret Cord. A fissile mixture of romantics and engineers making all the decisions. No focus groups. No corporate meddling. No compromise. Just good old rock’n’roll, Michigan-style.
Richard Seymour, Co-founder, Seymour Powell

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