2000 designs in global push

The Design Council is in the throes of planning a millennium initiative to promote UK products and services into the 21st century.

Under the title Millennium Product Challenge, the council proposes to identify 2000 innovative products and services and promote them worldwide for the next three years. They will then feature in the Millennium Exhibition.

Discussions are underway with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Millennium Commission, the council’s partners in the initiative. Further details will be revealed early next year, says a council spokeswoman.

According to Design Council chairman John Sorrell, the venture will not only raise awareness of good British products and services, but will also “create a unique body of knowledge on how companies design and innovate to unlock creativity”.

President of the Board of Trade Ian Lang told a largely design audience last week that while “Britain produces world-class designers… too few British firms harness those skills to increase their competitive advantage”.

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