From our fishy correspondent

We’re not fishing for compliments… but the whirlpool caused by Wolff Olins’ fish logo for British Gas is going up a scale.

We have received a letter from one Bob Goldfish, who resides at the third lily pad from the right, Garden Pond, Birmingham.

Mr Goldfish writes:

“My name is Bob, I AM a goldfish. My shape and colour have developed over many millions of years and belong to no one but me and my family.

We are therefore taking advice from our lawyers, Carp, Halibut and Sole.”

He concludes the letter with a charming self portrait in red biro – how did he manage to hold it? – as well as a friendly “tartar for now”. Is he being saucy or referring to central Asians?

Unforgiveably, Mr Goldfish adds a slimy PS: “I would pike it very much if you cod print this letter or I will fillet right prat.”

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