LFH adds an edge to new Gillette packs

Lloyd Ferguson Hawkins has revamped the packaging of Gillette’s Sensor Excel razor brand as part of a pan-European promotional push.

The new packs were first launched in France this month, quickly followed by a roll-out to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. A UK roll-out is possible.

The packs flag the promotional discount but the redesign is more than just the addition of a flash, says LFH creative director Mark Lloyd: “It’s a complete new structural pack. The curved lines of the outer sleeve structure provide excellent shelf stand-out when viewed en masse.”

The back of the packaging is common to all countries, using graphic illustrations to communicate the product’s use. The type which appears on the front of the pack is tailored to each market.

According to Lloyd: “The overall effect is a masculine, almost automotive, feel which is essentially visual and immediately understandable.”

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