Add NWYH to a PC? and you’re a Record Breaker

Famed for its cartoon-robot-porno promo Metal Fingers In My Body, ‘avant-hard’ electronica outfit Add N to (X) must be a great client to work for.

The band’s website (pictured) is being touted as ‘the world’s loudest’ by its designer, Now Wash Your Hands. In a ‘controlled experiment’, NWYH director Tim Spear says he blew several speaker cones by hooking his PC up to a sound system. Best of all, it’s a legitimate response to the brief – Add N to (X)’s latest album is called Loud Like Nature, you see.

Other highlights include a web-cam video of a couple of transvision vamps tipping the velvet in a sub-Chelsea Girls hotel room. What would Norris McWhirter make of it?

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