Motor Show publicity that drives away target market

There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the promotion of the Motor Show 2002 at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre with regard to the age-old use of sexy women and sexist comment to attract attention.

Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt is once again holding the motor companies responsible. However, it is surely the consultancies they employ that are ultimately responsible for not offering or convincing their clients of the advantages of appealing to the entire car-buying market.

It’s reported that 80 per cent of car-buying decisions are made by either a female or a male and female together. The car product has been developed over the past few decades to satisfy all markets, but the advertising and promotion of it seems rather tired. It would be nice to see Motor Show 2003 aimed at the family – there could always be a separate show held at Spearmint Rhino for the old school motor show boys.

Lucas Tyler

Creative director

Evolve NPD

London SW8

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