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Clerkenwell-based Bisset Adams has ‘reinvented’ the public library, launching the £2m pilot Idea Store in Bow in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with Government blessing (News, DW 31 October). What areas of municipal life would you like to revisit, how and why?

‘I would like to consider the creation of water-based communities across the UK. The waterways were once England’s arteries – alive with commercial traffic and the original “mobile homes” [canal narrowboats]. Active Government support for the development of residential moorings would bring life back to the rivers and canals, while providing interesting opportunities for low-cost housing.’

Nikki Hillier, Founder, White Room Associates

‘I would like to revisit car parking, be it the poorly illuminated, ugly, urinal multi-storey type or the sea of tarmacadam, space-hungry versions, as they are often the first sense of place for visitors to a town or city. If greater creative effort were given to the appearance of car-parking facilities and strategic thinking devoted to their location and how they link to other forms of transport and functions, then they would become a point of municipal pride rather than just a sad after-thought.’

John Harvey, Design director, Din Associates

‘My wish would be to revisit the humble dustbin lorry. I would like to make it a much-loved national icon so that we appreciate its beauty as much as we do the black cab, bright red fire engines and the Route Master bus. Dustcarts should be beautifully crafted roving testimonies to a nation’s desire to embrace recycling and minimising wastage properly. These grungy industrial creatures should form a noble and mobile “cow parade” to raise public awareness and add some humour to an otherwise dull and uninspiring everyday activity. Italian car manufacturer Ferrari recently redesigned the humble postman’s delivery trike – imagine how much better his working day is as a result.’

Adam Rawls, Managing director, Rawls & Co

‘Public hangings have been sadly neglected for many years and we have failed to replace them with a suitably social alternative. “Trial by media” hardly satisfies [the need to express public censure]. Maybe we could put a selection of television presenters to the lash as a warm up to major sporting events… I think that would do it.’

Ross Hunter, Managing director, Graven Images

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