…while Pink Grease’s schlock-horror is mere dribble

During our more idle moments, we dream of being music industry PRs. Then we could go to record launch parties every night and write the sort of wank that heralds the debut single by Pink Grease, with cover design by Sam Oakley (pictured).

‘[It] brings the stiletto heel back to rock ‘n’ roll. Coming on like rent boys with switchblades and Roxy doing speedballs with the Ramones, Pink Grease have the lipstick smears of The New York Dolls drinking from the broken glass of Gene Vincent. Think Quentin Crisp caught in the rotor blades of American rock ‘n’ roll… pure 21st century teenagers fucking it up, aided and abetted by the out there production skills of the Supreme Vagabond Craftsmen.’

Ngggghhh, aaaaghhh. How was it for you?

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