7 October 1999


Two by Two has created a new identity for accountancy group Spofforths.

Alloy teams up for software launch show

Surrey product design group Alloy and California group Inno Design have created exhibition concepts for an industrial design software launch by Unigraphics Solutions of the US. Themed as Industrial Design A to Z, the consultancies created concepts representing each letter of the alphabet. Each group has designed 13 products representing a different letter, in order […]

Ballantine’s Whiskey

Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine approached Perception Design to design special millennium tin packaging for Ballantine’s Finest Scotch Whisky. The design uses images to depict the events of the past 1000 years. The problem of acquiring copyright for all the images was overcome by sourcing all the images from photolibraries. The Science Photo Library provided […]

Putting it all on the line

As high street bank branches close, pioneering banks set up on-line, with user-friendly interfaces. But, as Mike Exon finds out, some consumers aren’t ready for Internet banking

Haiku fruit dish and Porcini Espresso cup and saucer

After a successful research trip to Milan in 1998, the creative minds at Fireworks were inspired to design a new range of contemporary tableware. The result is a range of simple, elegant and functional forms: Porcini cup and saucer, Exo Vessel bowl and Haiku fruit dish. Porcini is being manufactured by Staffordshire Creamware and includes […]


Llantrisant consultancy Amryliw has been appointed to design promotional literature for Cardiff University’s Open Day 2000.

UK Patent’s best year in a decade

The UK Patent Office has received its highest number of patent applications for ten years, and has granted the highest number of patents since 1990. There has also been a 5 per cent increase in applications for trademarks, though design-registration applications have dropped slightly. Design applications refer to the aesthetic appearance, rather than functionality, of […]

Linnclok watch

Prototypes for the Linnclok concept watch, designed by Seymour Powell for Scottish hi-fi manufacturer Linn Products, are currently being produced in Switzerland. Glasgow 1999 director Dejan Sudjic approached Linn Products with the original project idea. His aim was to give the company the opportunity, with the assistance of the Glasgow Collection, to research additional products […]

The Book Case

Waterstone’s new flagship superstore heralds the arrival of lifestyle bookstores from the US. Fay Sweet applauds the coming of age of the British bookshop

Future date

Drawing the line, on 20 November, is a seminar organised by the Association of Illustrators. Speakers are: Brian Love, Rick Poyner and Rob Mason. Contact: 0171-733 5844. Venue: Pentagram, 11 Needham Road, London W11.

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