BBC bonds 007 titles

The BBC resources design team may have been shaken, but was certainly not stirred, when commissioned to create the opening titles and action sequence for The James Bond Story.

Senior designer James Hall and designer Marlon Griffin applied their gold fingers to develop the 34-second titles for the ITV programme which will be aired on Saturday night.

Following a brief from independent TV company Iambic Productions, which made the programme, the designers took established James Bond opening sequences from the past 30 years as an influence for their own work.

Several designers, including Robert Brownjohn and Maurice Binder, were responsible for the past sequences to which Hall and Griffin have given a Nineties twist.

‘A combination of positive and negative imagery was used in the sequence which features all of the actors who have played Bond. In addition, five of the original Bond cars are featured, using a combination of aerial and tracking techniques,’ explains Hall. ‘Working with Bond was 00 heaven and the result is as cool as a well mixed Martini.’

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