Channel 4 gets another update

Next month Channel 4 is planning to roll out the second new version of its screen identity, each by a different design group, in less than a year.

TV branding and design specialist Static was invited to develop the latest version of the screen identity by virtue of its Film Four brand development for the broadcaster last year.

Channel 4 dropped its circle-based branding sequence, by Tomato, in February, introducing the current version designed by London consultancy Spin (DW 5 February).

The new look and feel will be a development of Spin’s coloured vertical bands and white square, not a rebranding, says Static senior designer Noah Harris.

Static is also working on pay TV development projects for the channel.

Channel 4 controller of marketing Polly Cochrane says: “When we launched the whole thing [the identity] we made it clear that it would not stay the same for ten years. We wanted something that would evolve and change.”

The work was not put out to pitch, and Static was appointed on a project development basis. “We are still working with Spin on other projects,” says Cochrane.

The colour brief for the latest project is open, and Cochrane says there will be more use of light and depth in the bars, while the figure 4 will have more life and movement.

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