Chasm chair and Ceramic table lamp

Designed by One Foot Taller, the rotationally-moulded, all plastic Chasm chair is manufactured by Plastic Dip Mouldings in three versions: Chasm #1, the original version (pictured above), Chasm #2, an armchair, and Chasm #3, which functions as a dining room chair. It has being developed with the help of a grant from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Design entrepreneur Andy Harrold of Nicehouse, the contemporary shop in Glasgow’s Italian centre, commissioned the range, which has recently won Millennium Product status. The chair was awarded best of show at 100% Design in 1998.

One Foot Taller has collaborated with local group Fireworks on a separate project to produce this fine bone china table lamp. The lamp, manufactured by Pollyanna in Stoke-on-Trent, is both functional and elegant.

Manufacture is by slip cast, producing a single structure from a two-piece mould. This process keeps both the manufacturing costs and the retail costs low. Once the product has been moulded and fired all that needs to be added is the flex and lightbulb. The product will be sold independently and exhibited at trade shows throughout the world.

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