Clients view artwork as ‘expensive and slow’

A survey into client perspectives of artwork, commissioned by specialist artwork studio Piano Creative Services, has found that 70 per cent of companies questioned “pay over the odds” for artwork and more than half pay twice as much as they need to.

Conducted by independent marketing group The Tutt Consultancy, the survey features responses from 100 of the UK’s leading FMCG companies. It claims that fewer than 20 per cent of such clients are aware of what they actually pay for, including one company whose annual artwork budget is over £200 000.

“This is generally because costs are lumped in with other charges for design, print or similar,” says the report.

Other findings of the survey include the discovery that 90 per cent of clients are unhappy with the speed at which artwork is produced, with “unnecessary hold ups due to artwork, which are infuriating clients”. Only 30 per cent in the survey felt they could rely on their artwork supplier.

Piano managing director Kevin Ward says. “So many clients neglect artwork as the boring bit that happens between design and print. Managed correctly, there are significant savings of time and money to be made.”

“The research indicates how little real attention is given to artwork, which has major implications in terms of cost and hassle. We will now take on board what has been said and streamline our own process,” adds Piano new business manager Garth Kanigowski.

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