Eircom rebrand leads to kiosk envy in Ireland

The notion of ‘living the brand’ while creating design work for it appears to have reached new boundaries in the Emerald Isle.

Dublin design group The Identity Business recently completed an entire rebranding of Eircom, Ireland’s leading telecommunications group. This involved renaming the organisation, creating a new corporate identity and revamping all its elements including signage, stationery, kiosks and vehicles.

Consequently, staff at The Identity Business now go around Ireland spotting their handy work, which is on view everywhere.

One such incident involved account manager Paul Hayes. While cruising around Donegal in his new Mazda MX5 sports car, Hayes came across someone installing a new Eircom kiosk.

‘Nice car,’ said the admiring workman as the car slowed. ‘Nice kiosk,’ replied Hayes.

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