Graven Images

Graven Images was established in 1986 by Ross Hunter, an architect and Janice Kirkpatrick, a graphic designer. Based in Glasgow, Graven Images was founded as a European cross-disciplinary group, aiming to work in fields such as architecture, interior design, exhibition and graphic design.

With a core team of 16 people, it is one of the most renowned consultancies in Glasgow and earlier this year won a Design Week Award for the Red Lemon office interior.

Janice Kirkpatrick is currently filming a BBC2 six-part documentary entitled The Shape of Things.

For the Glasgow Collection, Graven Images developed one of the Outdoor Luminaire Hampden stadium concept designs, but it was not involved in the final Phillips prototypes.

Its concept design had the light source located at a low level and directed upward within a reflective ‘pipe’, then reflected back on to the ground by a flat circular disc. The whole assembly was surmounted by a saltire cross structure which resembles the pattern on the Scottish flag.

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