7 October 2010

Get a grip

Cyclists could soon be enjoying a Grope every time they ride their bike, if illustrator Akira Chatani has his way. Bike enthusiast Chatani and business partner Ryo Yamada at consultancy Nonusual, have developed a range of leather bike handle-bar grips called Gropes, which are launching in the coming weeks. Gropes differ from standard handle-bar grips […]

Seeing the light

Jason Bruges Studio, Speirs & Major and UVA are at the cutting edge of public lighting design. Here we show videos of their latest projects

Message with bite

Roundel has designed the annual review 2009/10 for Save Our Seas Foundation, called Reach Out To The Future.

Fact seeks interactive groups for new-build developments

The director of the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Mike Stubbs is set to announce his search for the commission of interactive interventions which will be integrated into new-build developments at sites adjacent to the organisation’s premises in Liverpool.

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