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It is always interesting to see which brands are doing well and which brands are plummeting. Therefore, brand consultancy Tsuko has created its very own brand monitor to see which brands are flourishing and which brands are floundering in their respective marketplaces.
Here at Design Week we really like Michael Johnson’s fun mid-term design report posted on the Johnson Banks blog last week. His observations discuss the pending 2012 London Olympics – reviewing the best and the worst designs, architecture and graphics that have come out of the games thus far. Future: Content is the first conference from It’s Nice That, which curates, publishes and directs the finest work from the creative industry in print, online and through a series of events. The one-day event will be held on 10 November at London’s Shoreditch Studios, offering debate and opinions from industry creatives.
Last week, the BBC posted an insightful article about crowdsourcing, using furniture retailer as a case study. Crowdsourcing encourages customers to submit designs, with the best being worked into prototypes and posted on the site to be sold. Designers get 5 per cent in royalties on successful designs.

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