Fresh Minds marks ten years with a new image from Tank

Tank has rebranded recruitment and research company Fresh Minds, creating a new website, logo and visual identity to mark the company’s ten-year anniversary.

Tank was appointed in April following a creative pitch against mainly business-to-business consultancies, says the consultancy’s managing director Oliver Forder.

Sophie Murray, head of marketing at Fresh Minds, says, ’We loved [Tank’s] creative approach, and thought that as we are different and more dynamic than other professional services companies, we should choose a consultancy which would understand this.’

Tank was briefed to help define Fresh Minds’ brand strategy, and then create a new visual identity to be used online and on all materials.

Murray says, ’I felt it was an important strategic decision, as the old identity did not reflect the company as it is.’

She adds, ’We felt [the new identity] exactly summed up the defining characteristics of the brand and of the company. It made us excited about the future of the business, and, crucially it is a big hit internally and with clients.’

Tank’s design uses a bright blue paint splash graphic on a white background. Forder says, ’We’ve given it an identity which matched the name but tried to avoid the usual cliches of “freshness” – fruit and veg, flowers, or eggs.’

He adds, ’Fresh Minds now feels confident enough to have an identity that fits with that name. There’s no longer the contradiction between what it’s saying and how it says it.’

The new identity will launch on 15 October.

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