Design Council is in no doubt about its role

Your editorial (DW 25 August) is a little unfair to the Design Council. The Sorrell report, from which the Design Council draws its inspiration and focus, quite clearly states its purpose is to inspire the best use of design by the UK. No matter whose side you take, whether client or designer, free-pitching runs counter to that intent and should be discouraged.

Whatever the motives of those who shout loudest about free-pitching, the Design Council’s view is that the practice trades quality for mediocrity. We have in the past discouraged it, and will continue to do so in the future, whenever and wherever we can. Any initiative the professional bodies take on the issue will therefore get our support.

Other than being as vocal as possible on the subject to whoever is prepared to listen, I know that the Design Council is continuing to work with Government and other public sector bodies on the issue.

At the very least I, personally, shall work towards achieving a formalised position to discourage the practice in the public sector, where we might be able to make real progress.

Dick Powell

Design Council council member

Seymour Powell

London W14

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