Shellys Shoes strides ahead with redesign

High street footwear chain Shellys Shoes is introducing its first new logo since the 1960s, designed by London’s The Formation. An interiors revamp is also underway with design by shopfitter Tienda Services of Nottingham.

The flagship store has now opened in Glasgow with the new look. It is being followed by Manchester, and then outlets in London. Shellys has a total of 11 shops and sells 500 000 pairs of shoes per year.

The Formation previously designed packaging for café chain Pret Manger while Tienda did its shopfitting. “Shellys approached Tienda and said they wanted the same team,” says Formation creative director Adrian Kilby. The consultancy was sub-contracted by Tienda for the Shellys job. Its budget for the logo was 11 000 including fees.

The new identity retains the original handwritten typeface. The logo consists of a thumb and heelprint in a shoe shape. The heelprint will show brand names such as Dr Martens or Kickers when used in-store.

The interiors concept will be adapted to each store to suit the personality of the area, according to Kilby. Tienda, which has an interior design arm, has designed wall panels in pierced polished brass and shelves clad in fake crocodile, lizard and snakeskin.

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