‘Having recently returned to resume residence back in sunny Yorkshire after an 18-month spell in Australia, I was greeted back at work by the expected mixture of both friendly welcomes and lighthearted abuse.

One particular e-mail was entitled ‘Welcome home, Grandad’. I was hoping that this was alluding to a previous penchant for wearing cardigans (zip up, I may add), but it did get me thinking, ‘Am I really getting on a bit?’ (I recently hit 43). Am I past my best? Elmwood’s recent influx of fresh new faces didn’t help either.

So to make me feel better and to inspire all those other over-40s design codgers who may be having the same thoughts, take a minute to consider the brilliant career of US architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Two of his most famous buildings are the Fallingwater house (pictured), designed when he was in his late 60s, and the stunning Guggenheim Museum in New York, which he designed in his late 80s. There is still hope.

Better go, time for my medication.

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