Diefenbach joins Wolff Olins

John Diefenbach, former chief executive officer of Landor Associates and co-founder of Diefenbach Elkins, has joined Wolff Olins as a partner in a non-executive position.

Based in the New York office, he will join the US team headed by partner Kate Manasian. She sees Diefenbach’s role in the Wolff Olins team as a complementary one, or as “another wise head”.

Wolff Olins chairman Brian Boylan says, “We believe that John’s experience with customer-focused brands is complementary to our own.” Diefenbach has been involved with brands including British Airways and Coca-Cola.

Manasian says: “John was a competitor for years, looking at us from the outside.”

Diefenbach, who stepped down from his Diefenbach Elkins role last year (DW 16 October 1998), will not be bringing any clients with him, she says.

“My work in branding is increasingly focused on the idea of engaging customers and employees, as well as business partners and investors, to drive loyalty and growth,” says Diefenbach.

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