MBB kickstarts biker Revolution

MANCHESTER design group Montage Bridgewater Barron is relaunching a pair of after-sales motorcycle tuning companies as youth and fashion-driven brands, in a bid to get away from the engineering bias usually applied when branding such products.

The consultancy has created a new corporate identity for Revolution, a specialist in building tuned bikes for racing or road use.

Revolution is also the importer of parts from Moriwaki Engineering from Japan, which is returning to the UK market after a long absence.

MBB has developed a website and a print advertising campaign, due to launch imminently in monthly motorcycling magazines, to support the Moriwaki relaunch and Revolution’s fitting service.

“We’re treating it as a youth and fashion brand, which is unusual in the motorcycling industry. Tuning companies tend to have a staid, engineering-based look,” says MBB director Jim Barron.

The ad campaign features fictitious small-ads, offering family members for sale to support the cost of tuning a motorcycle. Moriwaki parts, such as titanium exhaust systems, costing more than 1000, are being positioned as premium- priced products. The brand is used by the official Honda VTR racing team.

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