Should we judge the PC by its cover?

I am sure that most of your readers will be delighted that Apple won Design Week’s Client of the Decade award. The Apple platform has stayed ahead of the pack and Apple has a symbol which has established a clear visual identity.

Why are Apple’s competitors hellbent on winning the worst logo competition? – my bet is on the “intel inside” badge.

I am sure most manufacturers market excellent PCs, but who wants to have those uninspired logos facing them all day?

It was not always so. IBM’s logo [by Paul Rand] is in the identity hall of fame, Dell has done snazzy things with its E, and Fujitsu mixes imagination with exquisite letterspacing. I am sure there are others. Software companies are distinguished by great brand identities and wonderful packaging.

Do the guys who invent the hardware design the logos?

Gus Coulton


London W1

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