Signs up for grabs at BFI’s IMAX

THE BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE has unveiled the identity for its IMAX cinema, under construction near London’s South Bank Centre and Waterloo Station, but has yet to appoint a consultancy to create exterior signs.

Toronto consultancy Tactility devised the logo, while interior signs have been completed by Cobal Signs. Exterior work falls to architect Avery Associates, with the South Bank Employers Group responsible for signposting the nearby river footpath.

A spokesman for the BFI says: “Some extraordinary measures are being taken to draw attention to the site. There will be a series of signage and design features going into the Undercroft pedestrian subway system – 52 new signs to link into the [existing] South Bank Employers Group signage. We are commissioning that.” A consultancy has not yet been appointed, he adds.

The signs are seen as a crucial element in promoting the 20m 480-seat cinema, due to open in May 1999.

Its giant 26m screen will show “15 perforation/70mm films” in 2D and 3D. Entertainment and documentaries will be screened. It is intended to be the largest IMAX cinema in the UK and part of the money is coming from National Lottery funds.

BFI project head Ian Temple is in charge of the work.

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