Young guns are back in the Raleigh saddle

CYCLE manufacturer Raleigh is to introduce changes to its corporate identity to reflect modernisation of the sector. The company is adapting its products to appeal to a younger and less conservative audience, as environmental concerns make bicycles a more credible form of transport.

Design group Cross Hill Conwill has been revising Raleigh’s identity, following its work on Raleigh Special Products brochures last year (DW 30 October 1998).

The new identity will be launched sometime this month, says CHC creative director Mike Conwill. It aims to portray a sense of ease and efficiency with credibility, a purpose shared by the consultancy’s latest Raleigh brochure for volume products.

Many of the bikes have wide frames adapted for a younger, less conservative generation to ride in a more aggressive style.

Conwill says, “Selling is much less about matching clichéd lifestyles and more about pressing the consumer’s hot buttons to demonstrate the product’s values in people’s lives.”

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