Brewery identities are peculiar animals. To stand out from the crowd, they are necessarily loud and brash, and for designers they are fun projects – not least because while they’re working on the project, they have ample opportunity to sample the wares – all in the name of professional research.

Nigel Ard, head of packaging and design at Metropolis 88, was enthusiastic about the project with brewer Batemans. ‘Beer is one of Nigel’s great loves and he’s even a member of CAMRA, [the real ale activists group]’ says Metropolis 88 director Matthew Bright.

This is the first time in 30 years Batemans has reviewed its identity. The family-owned brewery was set up in the 1870s and has a strong brand heritage, which had to be retained. The original windmill device – a landmark of the brewery – has been retained, but redrawn. The four-leafed clover shape, within which the windmill is placed, has also been retained.

A new typeface for the Bateman’s script and a new colour palette to differentiate each of the five brands has been developed. The strapline Good Honest Ales has also been retained.

The identity, which has been implemented on to literature, point-of-sale and advertising material, will start to be rolled out at the beginning of September.

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