Rufus Leonard creates QinetiQ site

Rufus Leonard has created a website, worth a six-figure fee to the consultancy, for the Government’s privatised science and technology consultancy QinetiQ, which went live on Monday.

QinetiQ’s markets range from the defence and energy industries through to transport and telecoms businesses as well as the public sector.

The site is structured around a series of five ‘zones’, though these are invisible to the viewer.

Each one contains information about QinetiQ’s work, with the aim of ‘driving a sales process [that] allows the company to collect more and more [customer] details and then hopefully finalise the sale’, says Caroline Whyatt, senior project manager at Rufus Leonard.

The project is part of a two-year contract to develop QinetiQ’s digital strategy, which Rufus Leonard won last year (DW 14 December 2001). The creative team was led by principal director Neil Svensen, and creative director Wesley Hogg.

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