Hanson plans bring designers on board

The Glasgow Agency (top) and Henderson Boyd Jackson WS Corporate identity work will follow proposals from industrial conglomerate Hanson to split the group into four companies.

Chemicals, energy, and tobacco – three of the group’s core businesses – will be floated to create separate companies, while the building materials and equipment arm will remain under the Hanson brand. The group announced demerger details last week.

“It’s early days yet and the companies have yet to decide on any design work, but they will definitely be looking to work up corporate identities,” says a Hanson spokeswoman.

“The time-scale is approximate at the moment but the tobacco arm is planned to float at the end of the summer and the energy company by the end of September, so some decision should have been made by then.”

Both the tobacco and energy companies will be based in the UK and are likely to use UK design consultancies, says the spokeswoman.

The chemicals company is based in the US and will probably employ an American designer, she adds.

The Hanson brand will retain its current identity.

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