Addis lunchbox lets off steam

Plastic food container manufacturer Addis is launching its first dedicated lunchbox featuring a vented lid, which allows steam to escape in the microwave. The lunchbox launches in two week’s time.

Designed in-house by ex-Seymour Powell product designer Mike Ellams, the new lunchbox set contains two portion-size inner containers with air vents and a larger outer box. The sleeve packaging is created by Hurricane Design.

According to Addis senior category manager Kevin Toes, it is the first product from Addis that is designed for a single-purpose. “It is solely a lunch box rather than a dual-purpose fridge or freezer container,” he says.

“The demand is for more exciting lunches: there is more interesting food available, and people now have access to microwaves and fridges at work thanks to European legislation,” he says. The product is designed from odour and stain-resistant polycarbonated plastic, and claims to be easier to transport.

Ellams, who is Addis design manager, says the design is deliberately unisex.

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