‘Expansive’ council rebranding may not prove popular with local residents

The simple answer to Mick Timpson’s first question (Letters, DW 19 January), is that the Lambeth identity intentionally represents both the borough and the council. The two, in our view, are inseparable.

By dropping the word “council” from the name, we were able to leverage the positive perceptions of the place against the historically negative image of the (greatly improved) council.

As for the project requiring “a more expansive design approach” which included “urban design and architecture”, I entirely agree, but I fear that council tax-paying residents may not.

The comparatively meagre costs of a new identity, where the rationalising process will actually save the Council money, were rightly scrutinised and the value had to be continually justified throughout the project. So a more expansive (or expensive) scheme may be a little tricky to get through!

Roger Felton

Managing partner

Felton Communication


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