Flossbrush fills gap in oral hygiene market

The first of a new generation of high-specification toothbrushes, the AntiPlak flossbrush, has been launched by Chesterfield company Hcare International.

It is intended to fill a niche in the market for a toothbrush combined with a quality floss.

It was designed by AJ Design in Manchester and is available in six colours. The neck of the brush is contoured for ease of use and the handle houses 20m of floss, says a Hcare International spokeswoman.

The flossbrush is the result of two years of research and development. “The 20m of floss contained in the handle should last for three months, after which the toothbrush should be thrown away, in line with dentists’ recommendations,” says Hcare International director Michael Cruddas.

The flossbrush is the first of three healthcare products scheduled for a worldwide launch by Hcare International this year.

The second product, a travel toothbrush housing toothpaste in its handle, is scheduled for launch this summer and the third is at final design stage.

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