Groups gang together to take on the millennium

An anticipated boom in millennium-related promotions has prompted three consultancies to create a new company which will service clients looking to celebrate the event.

Named Millennium Projects Consortium, the company comprises graphics group Dew Gibbons; exhibition design specialist Association of Ideas; and marketing communications and business development consultancy Abet CMC. The six directors are Shaun Dew and Steve Gibbons of Dew Gibbons, Jonathan Lovett and John Turner of Association of Ideas, and Abet CMC founders Joe Tibbetts and Vicky Sargent.

All three consultancies will retain their separate identities and clients, but will work together when appropriate projects arise.

According to Tibbetts, the three partners in the consortium are all “small organisations looking to take on bigger projects”. The millennium provides that opportunity as there is “a grotesque undersupply of good quality services” geared to deal with projects for organisations, he says.

Apart from the core skills of the three partners, the consortium has “an outer ring of associates” which will provide special expertise in certain areas. These include San Francisco corporate communication consultant Fogelman Kelly, Zito Interactive in Paris, consumer psychology specialist Hamilton Associates and audio production company Mandy Wheeler Productions.

The consortium, which Lovett says can easily handle projects worth at least 1m, is currently pitching for a touring event. The directors also expect to pull in work from existing clients.

Dew Gibbons has designed the identity for Millennium Projects Consortium, which will operate from Association of Ideas’ office in London. The identity features a countdown of days leading up to the millennium, which will be adjusted daily.

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