Turn in fortune for BBB Design

BBB Design’s fortunes have been turned around after the cancellation of two major orders affected last year’s profitability.

The listed company has reported a pre-tax profit of 41 000 for the six months ending 31 October 1997, compared to a pre-tax loss of 59 000 for the year ending 30 April 1997.

The loss followed two cancelled orders of a lottery scratchcard concept by an unnamed UK charter airline and ferry company (DW 31 October 1997).

BBB settled out of court with the airline and is on the verge of settling with the ferry company. The turnaround was assisted by commitments for the supply of inflight sales competition cards by Air 2000 and a third unnamed UK charter airline.

BBB chief executive Philip O’Donnell says the group’s expansion plans are on track and he is in acquisition discussions with a couple of design-related companies.

The group is also interviewing for two new designers this week.

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