Vodka on ice for lucky Pearlfisher staff

Don’t you just wish you worked at Pearlfisher? The consultancy treated its entire staff to a mystery trip as a Christmas present.

With no idea where they were going, apart from the necessity for a passport, warm clothes and a 7am start, the group turned up at Heathrow only to be stopped by the pre-Christmas blaze.

Hectic rearrangements meant a flight from an alternative terminal, followed by a private charter plane and then a dog sled ride.

The staff eventually arrived at the famous Ice Hotel in Lapland, for a weekend of sleeping six or seven to a bed “to maintain warmth”.

Visitors are presented with a certificate to prove they have braved the freezing conditions. “The owner said we deserved an extra one to prove how much vodka we had drunk,” says one of the hungover revellers.

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