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What will your New Year’s resolution be?

‘I’m sure my New Year’s resolution last year was to not make any more New Year’s resolutions – however… don’t fall for the sweet smile of my daughter every time she wants something new, guaranteed failure! Don’t go to so many Christmas parties next year. I’ll have forgotten the pain by then. Turn the music up at work. Let the battle of the stereos commence…’

Jez Frampton, Chief executive, Interbrand

‘Here is my list of things we so rarely keep; resolutions. See if New York will ever bore me (please be impossible); decide which side of “the pond” I want to live on (been stuck on that for far too long); spend more time with my wonderful nieces (get on planes more); have an adventure (even more planes); live in integrity and meditate daily for peace (this I have to keep).’

Helen Keyes, Principal, Blue Ink Co

‘Design resolutions should be treated like design clients, both need to be: visited often, given due care and attention; honoured by doing what you say you will do; completed well within the allocated time so another can be committed to before the year is out. All of which seems admirable, so much so that my resolution is to do just as I have said.’

Raymond Turner, Director, Raymond Turner Associates

‘Work/life balance – the great thing about leaving Fitch Worldwide back in May was that it gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my lifestyle and keep fit once again. Next year will see my passion and energy engage in launching The Brewery, which demands absolute commitment. However, The Brewery is not about me, it’s about employing high achievers who can create the right team dynamic, a team that will deliver great ideas, great business solutions, great creativity. So my resolution is really about creating a new style of creative business that achieves results for clients and delivers fun and fulfilment along the way.’

Paul Stead, Chairman and managing partner, The Brewery

‘Timing is everything in life. I would love to put together my dream team – strong independent businesses that are the best in their class but would like to be part of a significant world class design group. I think 2004 could be the year to make this happen.’

Ian Cochrane, Chairman, Ticegroup

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